Client Photos

Highlights & Lowlights by Azin
Lovely French highlights by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Beautiful! Highlights & lowlights by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
High & lowlights with a long layover cut by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Beautiful Balayage by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Highlights & lowlights by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Long layers hair cut by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
What do you think of this light caramel and chocolate combination? It’s subtle, but still adds a lot of depth. 👍 Highlights and lowlights by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Elegant beauty. Hair cut by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Such a cutie! Hair cut by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Lowlights and highlights by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Beautiful! Balayage by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Cut & highlights by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Lovely! Cut & highlights by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Simple and beautiful. Balayage by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Luscious! Balayage by Azin ❤️ #BrentwoodCutSalon
Ali S. – Color & Highlights by Azin
Marie D.
Oktober C.
Molly L.
Ryan O.